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  • Aero Materiel presents R4-EM 9

    2016 5/12

    Southco's R4-EM 9 Series Electronic Rotary Latch delivers next generation electronic latching through microprocessor controlled actuation, providing highly intelligent, reliable electronic access.

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  • E3 - aluminum at Aero Materiel

    2016 16/6

    Southco's new E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch series features lightweight aluminum construction and is ideal for rugged outdoor applications that require higher strengts, without adding additional weight.


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  • Southco's new R4-EM-8 series delivers secure latching and simplified electronic operation

    2015 7/10

    Southco's -EM-8 series electronic rotry latch combines efficient and robust performance of a rotary latch with simplified DC motor actuation.

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  • Aero Materiel AB - Southco - Nepal

    2015 30/4

    On the initiative of our supplier Southco Key Account Manager Jakob Isaksson started a collection for the victims in Nepal. This pallet will leave us today by TNT to be send to England for merging with Southco's collection before it is forwarded to Nepal. We thank Southco for this initiative and TNT who help us sponsor the carriage.

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  • Aero Materiel presents; Southco's Series A Display Mount

    2015 17/3

    Southco's Tilt, Swivel and Swing Display mount (A Series) is now awailable with an added feature that allows the arm to be locked into position for easy storage.

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  • Aero Materiel - Handles P2 - Southco


    The flush design of the P2 Flush Pull handles minimizes protrusion on the face of a door or a panel while an offset recess provides sufficient grip space for simple panel lifting and removal.

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  • Aero Materiel - Elmia Subcontractor 2014 - AV-D32

    2014 6/11

    Southco has expanded its AV Display Mount offering with the AV-D32 Series, which includes a next generation Tilt and Swivel Mount (K Series), a Tilt, Swivel and Single Swing Arm (A Series), and a Tilt, Swivel and Dual Swing Arm (A Series).

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  • Aero Materiel - Telescopic slides - Schock-Metall

    2014 21/10

    Aero Materiel and Schock-Metall specialized in telescopic slides and special profiles. For over 40 years Schock-Metall has developed customized telescopic slides with a special roll forming technology. The standard range includes about 30 different models of telesopic rails in lengths up to 1100 mm.

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  • Aero Materiel -

    2014 11/9

    Aero Materiel launch a new, updated website with easier and smoother navigation.

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  • Aero Materiel AB height adjustment of workbench - desktops

    2014 19/8

    Aero Materiel AB delivers legs and stand for height adjustment of work benches and tables. Hydraulic systems (Movotec) for high loads appropriate in industrial areas and electrical legs (ELS3) for offices and public spaces.

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  • Welcome Patrik Sågby

    2014 14/8

    We have strengthened our marketing department with a sales engineer. We welcome Patrik Sågby who will be responsible for our customers in sales district East and Stockholm.   

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  • Aero Materiel AB; rubber nut-insert with various uses

    2014 14/5

    Aero Materiel AB stocks fasteners where the rubber nut excels when it is suitable for many different uses.

    Installation as a traditional blind rivet nut but without any need of special machine (tool) when screw is mounted rubber nut expands in thick material with closed-end hole or blind holes.

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  • Continues hinges

    2014 23/4

    Aero Supplies offers a wide range of standard
    continues hinges for most applications in lengths
    of 2438mm. We also offer custom
    hinges that we can deliver it with short lead time.

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  • Server problem

    2014 2/4

    We are experience problems with our server and our business system is down. We are working on a solution but our order entry and our deliveries are affected.

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  • Nagazari Indien

    2013 19/12

    Instead of sending Christmas cards Aero Materiel has donated money for an eye clinicYerangoan Eye Camp, in Nagazari, India. It offers surgeries, glasses, food andaccommodation while in operation.

    Nagazari Indien

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  • Updated homepage

    2013 13/9

    Welcome to our updated website. It's now easier to see what products we have in our stock range and we have made it easier to access our configurators

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  • Strike

    2013 24/4

    Today at 12:00 Transport Workers Union will go on strike and subsequent lockout (tomorrow at 17:00).

    At present, we know that this will affect our transportation, but not how. For current info click here

    If you want to reserve for your orders with other carriers please contact our orders department at  or give us a call at our switch board +46 36-344440.

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  • Disturbance

    2013 23/1

    We have problems with our domain where e-mails are returning with error to the sender.

    If you are experiencing this problem do not hesitate to call our switch borad at +46 36 344440 or

    fax +46 36 165730

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  • Aero Materiel AB

    2012 20/12

    We at Aero Materiel AB would like to thank our customers for an eventful year.

    Instead of sending Christmas cards, we continue our project building houses in

    Nagazari India.


    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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  • Thank you!

    2012 13/11

    We would like to take the opprotunity to thank all

    our visitors at Elmia Subcontractor 2012. It was a pleasure

    to meet you and we hope to see you soon again!


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  • Trading

    2012 9/11

    Do you want to follow your customers to China ?

    Or do you want to find a supplier in China ?

    Aero Materiel AB can provide you these services.

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  • Office closed

    2012 17/8

    Company   closed from Thursday 5 September to Friday 7 September when we are on the conference.

    We're back Monday September 10

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  • Southco latches "set-the-stage" for 2012 Summer Olympics

    2012 17/8

    Southco's R2 Concealed Butt-Joint Panel Fastening Latches feature heavy-duty steel construction and mount behind or within the mating panels of an application for concealed operation. Available in two tool-actuated styles, these latches deliver exceptional strength and provide sufficient pull-up action to create a strong connection and seal, making them an ideal choice for mobile, removable assemblies like the supplier's stage application

    OS arenan

    R2 lås R5 lås

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  • EAS News

    2012 9/8

    Southco's EA-A06 USB Controller allows the independent, computer-controlled operation of up to 14 different electronic locks and other devices when connected to a standard computer USB port


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  • Welcome back

    2012 9/8

    We welcome Jina Warjo back to Aero Materiel after her maternity leaveJina is back with us with her smile Monday, August 13.

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  • We lighting Europe

    2011 28/10

    One of our customers is Thorn Lighting that makes lighting for public outdoor environment.....

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  • Aero Materiel goes against the stream

    2011 8/11

    Industrial wholesaler Aero Material AB (AMA) in Jönköping is currently conducting a multi-million investment to expand the storage of their products.

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  • Welcome to our new web page

    2012 1/3

    In each product group Aero Materiel offers a selection of the most sought after goods - all from stock. Our website shows the current programme. Goods can normally be ordered for immediate delivery.

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