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Aero Materiel AB height adjustment of workbench - desktops

Aero Materiel AB delivers legs and stand for height adjustment of work benches and tables. Hydraulic systems (Movotec) for high loads appropriate in industrial areas and electrical legs (ELS3) for offices and public spaces.

Movotec Bolt-On is available with stroke (up to 400mm) and load capacity (up to 900kg) for the retrofitting of existing workplaces. Movotec Bolt-On or in parts is suitable for those who want to design their own table or bench.

ELS3 fits in public and office applications, legs and frame together is easily mounted on existing office desks for those who want to improve ergonomics.


For more information contact:

Bo Murath

Aero Materiel AB

Box 5031

550 05 Jönköping

036-34 44 44