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Aero Materiel - Telescopic slides - Schock-Metall

Aero Materiel and Schock-Metall specialized in telescopic slides and special profiles. For over 40 years Schock-Metall has developed customized telescopic slides with a special roll forming technology. The standard range includes about 30 different models of telescopic rails in lengths up to 1100 mm.

Schock-Metall precision roll forming technology allows extremely tight tolerances and ensures perfect operating characteristics. Our telescopic slides are great runners and expansions in most areas.

In the automotive industry, Schock-Metall is your specialist of telescopic slides and linear motion for vehicle interiors. If required by the modules in the driver's compartment, storage compartment under the seat, adjustable central armrest and roof hatches or extendable luggage racks.

Schock-Metall telescopic slides stand out for its excellent operating characteristics as well as its lifetime durability and excellent resistance to vibration and corrosion.

Schock-Metall telescopic slides and linear guides work often invisible but always reliable, making them suitable for most applications, whether for storage devices or operating systems, electronic rack and 19-inch control panels, medical equipment, utility carts, ATM and copy machines as well as in high-tech areas of aerospace technology.

Schock-Metall has a long history in the manufacture of telescopic slides for the home environment, kitchen and office furniture with special knowledge to offer customized solutions for high cabinets, wire baskets and recycling systems as well as product displays and store fixtures. Schock-Metall also manufactures innovative, user-specific telescopic slides and sliding systems for office furniture.

Soft Control 2 is a further development of a previously innovative idea. The self-closing device with integrated damper provides up to 70% more capacity than the previous model. Soft Control 2 draws in telescopic rail with 50 mm left to the closed position while also damping the movement. Telescopic slides with Soft Control 2 is extremely appropriate for applications with short mounting depth and high demands on load capacity, such as kitchen equipment and office furniture, as well as industrial applications of various kinds. Telescopic slides with Soft Control 2 raise the quality feel and function of your application.

Air Motion - the next generation of soft sliding telescopic runners!

The new soft-propelled telescopic rails Air Motion from Schock-Metall is a whole new generation of telescopic slides based on our own special production technology for profiles. Air Motion Concept stands for excellent smooth operation, comfortable feel, high resilience and long durability. They feel very positive effects on the entire structure where the rail is included. With a unique combination of materials and production, Schock-Metall has developed a telescopic bar with new high-quality and smooth motion. Air Motion made ​​only after the customer's requirements and can be equipped with various stop modes, damping, and surface treatment.

Schock-Metall is known for its smooth running telescopic rails. With Air Motion is a further step in functionality and flexibility without losing capacity. The entire standard range available in 3D on Aero Materiel website for download and we will present our selection of Elmia Subcontractor 2014 in booth B01: 33, welcome.

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