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Do you want to export to China?

Aero Materiel has for more than 10 years served our customers who moved their production to China, this has given us a lot of experience. We have built very close ties with a Chinese company, our extended arm in China.

With our experience, we want to help others follow their customers to China or find a supplier in China. Our Chinese company have all the licenses required to import, export, manufacturing, making custom declarations and stocking in bulk and then deliver in smaller lots. Meanwhile it is in stock, it is cleared through customs to be resold in Chinese CNY or Western currencies.




Aero Materiel coordinates the logistics of deliveries resulting in the optimal shipping. We also coordinate payment.

In addition to our logistics services we can offer to mediate the service you need in China. Do you need a vendor that works with your products to a specific audience or do you need a control engineer who monitors a manufacturing, we have people who can do this.

Should you visit your customers, we can provide a English-Chinese interpreter, plan your trip including booking of hotels, chauffeur and car rentals. Also advising on business rules and negotiation is part of the services we can offer.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can take this in to practice.



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Aero Materiel has its domestic market in Sweden and
Finland, with headquarters and logistics center in
Jönköping and subsidiaries in Finland and China.