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3 tip on how charging pole can be designed for safe access

Lukon sijoitus latausasemiin edellyttää korkeaa suorituskykyä, jotta infrastruktuurin turvallisuus voidaan taata vaihtelevissa sääolosuhteissa.


In the infrastructure, products for a vandal-proof construction in charging pole are important.

Locks are useful in the charging pole station to prevent that doors to electrical cables and electronics can be opend. Locks and latches in charging pole need a high level of performance to meet the requirements for locks outdoors with different climates for a secure infrastructure.


1. Charging station with installed quarterturn lock.

Maintenance of electrical cabinets and charging poles facilitates with a quick lock installed in the cabinet. A simple knob for quick opening of the door to access electrical cables during service and maintenance work of electrical charging stations.


2. Safe connection with Bluetooth locks

With a bluetooth lock in the charging pole gives a code for access the charging pole easily.

The bluethooth lock makes it easy to separate the access in the charching pole for private person and for a service technician who regularly uses the charging pole and need access to locks and cabels. The bluethooth lock can be installed in the door construction close to the electrical cabinet.


3. Durable locks for external locking

The R4 locking system usually has three components (handle, wire and lock). It provides secure external locking with several locking points on the inside of the construction.

Charging pole with mounted lock for secure access

The video below shows how our locks are used and how they help in the construction of the charging pole for electric vehicles.