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Display Mount with controlled movement

Our screen and display mount and monitor arms can easily change position and get a comfortable position with soft and quiet function for off highway vehicles.

User-friendly monitor arm

Display Mount for off highway vehicles, work vehicles, wheel machine and off-road vehicles.

Controlled movement

In environments where the roadway is bumpy, can it be hard to find componets with right demands. Off Highway vehicle demands  that components in the vehicle having controlled movement. With customized special functions in our display mounts and monitor arms, you can easily change and get a comfortable position with soft and quiet function in the vehicle.


Display mount for interior 
Our display mount is used to support GPS screens and navigation devices. The positioning technology allows the screen to retain its adjustment even though the forces when moving vehicles on uneven ground and its easy  to change the setting position of the screen.


The screen mount and display arms are perfect in mobile applications where you simply can adjust the setting without the need for extra locking to maintain the desired position, with the right mount are the screen stable despite and the forces that affect acceleration and braking.


Together with our partner Southco, we have a long experience in various applications in forest machines and work vehicles. It is an advantage when choosing our solutions that are compatible and have design for both interior and exterior. Display mounts and display arms that meet the requirements of the Off Highway industry demand robust, durable and vibration-damping components. We have a wide product range of mechanical and electrical locks, as well as position hinges and friction hinges to suit you who design or build wheel loaders, work vehicles, mining machines, off-road vehicles or agricultural machines.