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Electric lock that can withstand outdoor environment

Off highway vehicle

As part of Aero Materiel's investment in electric locks, we present R4-EM Outdoor

The R4-EM Outdoor electric lock is IP56 approved for outdoor environments and can withstand temperature differences from -40 up to 80˚C. R4-EM Outdoor is available in either stainless steel or surface-treated steel. Just like our standard R4-EM, the R4-EM Outdoor is also designed to withstand high loads and has very low power consumption. Of course, the other advantages remain just as with our other electric locks:

– Hidden mounting.
– Possibility of remote control as well as mechanical emergency opening.
– Accepts signal from most control units.
– 12-24VDC supply voltage.

With this, we add another to the market to our already popular product segment with electric locks.