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Locks adapted for electric vehicles

Our durable locks secure safety with a function that can withstand opening and closing of doors for several years to your electric vehicle, electric bicycle, electric courier car or built-in.

Elfordon med lås från Aero Materiel

Locks adapted for electric vehicles

The right components for electric vehicles provide safe storage.

Strong locks ensure that the contents of the deliveries will not be affected by external factors during the journey to the final destination. The robust locks are perfect for external installation and are easy to install in the application. Long service life and durability combined with the locks can withstand the climate and the outdoor environment. In the electric vehicles the goods need to be ensured that they are in safe storage when there is no full supervision on the vehicle during deliveryto customers. To avoid opening doors and boxes in the electric vehicles, we offer secure locks. With our solutions, the vehicle can be safely left outside the delivery address.

Future in electric vehicles
With the development that is taking place, we see that in future packages will be delivered with greater value and then it is extra important that the delivery is secure and that the goods are not moved during the journey. With the locks, it is certain that no vandalism can take place while the electric vehicle is parked on the street in the city center.

Future trends:
– Fast delivery option
– Reduced environmental impact with the choice of electric vehicles
– Reduced risk of damaged packages as the driver has better supervision during the journey.