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New - configurator is available for CAD files

CAD-filer för lås gasfjäder och gångjärn. Tekniks data till 30.000 produkter för industrin

New - configurator is available for CAD files

For you who design products with CAD files, there is now the opportunity to configure hinges and gas springs on Aero Materiels new website. In our configurator you can access various models, technical drawings to directly order continuous hinges and gas springs according to the desired dimensions.

Gas spring configurator

Gas spring configurator enables you as a designer to order gas springs with the desired power. Gas springs can be ordered with newton power from 50 N (Newton) up to 2000 N in different variants depending on which hatch the gas spring is to be adapted to.


Continuous hinges Configurator

Continuous Hinge Configurator enables you as a customer to get the desired dimensions, length and CAD files. By choosing stroke length and dimensions, the right article is configured for you to easily draw the piano hinge direct in your application.


Solid Components

In addition to CAD files for hinges and gas springs, we also have CAD files for welding hinges, rivet nuts, basket nuts and Kapti-Nut. You can easily access CAD files, drawings and PDF files through our supplier Solid Components.