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Objects that are connected to the internet is no longer news. Computers, machines, and semi-trailers have been communicating for quite some time.

Our electronic locks and latches with cloud controlled actuators provide intelligent solutions for automating processes and allowing easy access from anywhere.

IoT internet of things

Smart solutions within IoT

Within IoT we supply a wide range of electric locks which with a connected access make it possible for monitoring. Our solutions and products complement surveillance products such as cameras, panels and lighting. With increased automation, many choose our monitor arms that provide the right ergonomics and easy to handle information.

Medicine Laboratory equipment, movable work table

Trends in IoT

For example, Gartner has predicted that by 2020, there will be at least 20 billion connected gadgets.

Easy remote monitoring of various devices for analyzing untapped resources, and improve and automate processes and anticipate maintenance needs.

City with innovative design