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Off Highway

Our solutions for hoods, panels and doors will open and close while withstanding vibrations and movemnet.

As the use of mobile applications keeps growing many customers chose to install our screen mounts for better ergonomy and easy access to information.

Yellow wheel loader

Off Highway

Off Highway is vehicles and machines that are alongside our roads and are adapted for use in terrain and other demanding environments such as large construction, forestry and agricultural machines for smaller vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle).

Truck with lumber on


    • Greater long-term perspective with regard to environmental impact and the driver’s environment becoming more automated. Increased development and use of electric hybrid systems, sensors and digitalisation.
    • Increased demands on suppliers in the industry to manufacture machines and products that are gentle on the environment and drivers but can handle tough conditions.
Tractor plowing field

Components that are durable for outdoor environments

Gas springs for doors, hinges for hatch or locks that can withstand the outdoor environment. With increased automation, many of our customers choose electric locks as an alternative to securely locking their vehicle.

Quad bike in the terrain