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The Southco Electronic Key System provides an efficient solution for key management issues. User-friendly and easily programmable, the self-contained system allows different access privileges across a large number of enclosures and is ideal for battery operated systems and applications with many users. A key fob, information reader and validation controller all work together seamlessly with Southco electromechanical locks. Users can program, add and delete keys with the simple press of a button and are ensured security with 280 trillion possible key codes.

  • BLUETOOTH® based system with secure, multi-level encryption
  • Wireless access via any BLUETOOTH® LE enabled device
  • VIZpin® Cloud-based Admin – no software to buy, install or maintain
  • Time based credentials for simple management of access
  • Audit trail for remote monitoring of access
  • Reads from 3 feet away for convenient access

The EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller provides wireless control and monitoring of intelligent locks without having to physically connect to a network, or install, manage and maintain software.

EA-BT - BLUETOOTH® Controller Aero Materiel AB
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BLUETOOTH Controller