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RF Wireless Remote Controller EA-R02

Provides convenient and time-saving locking and unlocking ability to multiple access points, adding indispensable security to non-automotive vehicles. Designed specifically for the environmental and storage needs of utility trucks, marine crafts, RVs, and ambulances, the EA-R02 emits a visual and sound confirmation, eliminating the need to manually check individual secured compartments.

  • Secure, convenient, hands-free lock actuation
  • Quick installation and ease of use for smooth transition to electronic access
  • Compact package for an economical access solution
  • Proven radio frequency technology

The EA-R2 is well suited to applications where remote access is needed, including transportation and industrial machinery. The unit—which includes the receiver, two transmitters and wire harnesses—provides convenient security and peace of mind.

EA-R02 - RF Wireless Remote Controller Aero Materiel AB
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