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Liftline Suspa

The SUSPA Liftline, is a gas spring that gives a smooth feeling when you open or close a door. The gas spring is suitable for applications for backrests, bonnets, fire doors and furniture. Gas springs from Susspa Liftline are available with pressures from 50 Newton up to 2000 Newton. A gas spring, unlike gas dampers, helps lift eg heavy hatches and gives a more ergonomic lift. They are available with several different end brackets in steel or plastic and with a black or chromed piston rod. We help you count on the forces and attachment of the spring for the best feeling in your application with standard or custom gas spring.

Suspa Liftline, gas spring gives a smooth feel when opening or closing a door. Gas spring adjusts backrests, bonnets, fire doors & furniture.

Type 16-1 Ø=15/6 Aero Materiel AB


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