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Spring Latch Series Self-Adjusting Compression Latches 57

Southco’s 56 Spring-Loaded Plungers provide convenient installation and removal of components. Activated with a simple “pull,” these plungers offer simplified positioning of sliding component and quick-release for easy removal. The 56 series provides design flexibility for limited space applications, and can be used as a locator pin in sliding applications or quick-release hinge pin for removable doors or drawers.

  • Ramped spring-quality pawl provides increasing level of compression as latch is rotated and enhances tension on latch in closed position
  • Serrated spring models provide greater friction for more vibration-resistant grip
  • User controls the amount of compression force
  • Spring steel cam design is more tolerant of rough handling as experienced with lift-off panels
  • Three-hole (round hole) mounting design accommodates rivet, stud, or weld mounting

A wide range of latch sizes and actuation styles complement the versatile performance of this self-adjusting spring cam design. They satisfy a broad spectrum of applications where specific compression forces are not critical.

57 - Spring Latch Series Self-Adjusting Compression Latches Aero Materiel AB
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