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Troller Removable Handle Latch E5

These latches deliver affordable simplicity – including quick access with just a quarter turn, the versatility of multiple body materials, plus the flexibility of modular design for numerous actuation and dimensional options. Ramped cams provide a snug fit to minimize vibration and rattles.

  • CF-8M (the cast equivalent of 316 SS) and 34 SS construction with nylon roller delivers corrosion-resistant performance for marine applications
  • Roller-style keeper engages cam smoothly and draws panel firmly into a fully closed position
  • Ramped cam edges position the cam on the roller for a snug fit and vibration resistance
  • Removable push-button T-handle locks in place with a detent ball to provide ample grip for easy operation and disengages easily to provide a near-flush exterior surface and to function as a key for restricting access only to authorized personnel
  • Ability to disengage latch from inside provides safety backup to anyone accidentally caught inside an enclosure
  • Installs quickly and easily in a single round hole

Marine-grade construction and sealed design provide durable watertight performance. Removable handle design is ideal for engine compartments, other enclosures, and screw-mounted access panels because it offers easy access, yet presents a near-flush exterior surface when closed.

E5 - Troller Removable Handle Latch Aero Materiel AB
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