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Hidden Multi-Point Panel-Latching Systems E2

Experience the multi-point lock that has convenient push-to-close function in a two-point lock that provides prying safety - all with a hidden locking device.

  • A complete two-point latch assembly consists of four components – keeper, rod, actuator, and latch
  • Built-in adjustments on all keepers provide ability to fine-tune panel fit in multiple dimensions
  • Actuator can be installed behind panel-edge access hole, for enhanced security
  • Floating keeper design accommodates hinged panels
  • Fixed keeper design accommodates lift-off panels
  • Rods available in standard and custom lengths

Spring-loaded latch mechanisms retract to accept tapered keeper posts, then lock into recesses on keepers to hold panel fast until intentionally released. Latched panel is released with the push of a button.

E2 - Hidden Multi-Point Panel-Latching Systems Aero Materiel AB
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