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Parrot Panel Latches -MT

Pin Latches deliver corrosion resistance and durability to compartments with overhanging lids. The latch is opened by pushing the sprung pin, which has the option to be padlocked for added security. A ring pull inside the compartment serves as an emergency escape should this be required. Alternatively the latch can be used in the reverse orientation and deployed using a stylish knob. Whichever variant is used, the latch can be slam closed.

  • Designed specifically to mount on overhanging panels, enabling latch to be fully or partially concealed
  • Easy to install vertically or horizontally, in right angle or even oblique angle installations
  • Slotted striker plate mounting allows grip adjustment for positive latching
  • Polycarbonate/ABS handles provide multiple finish options
  • All corrosion-resistant materials make this a good choice for exposed installations

The broad spring-loaded handle provides a convenient grip for opening, while the dampening pad softens the sound of slamming the latch closed.

MT - Parrot Panel Latches Aero Materiel AB
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