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Rod-Roller Compression Multi-Point Latching Systems A8

Add the convenience of push-to-close operation on your enclosure, with this compact, robust latch that is easy to install and easy to operate. Just a quarter turn of the knob or hex socket retracts the slide for easy opening, and a simple push snaps the latch shut again.

  • A complete system includes one latch/actuator, installation hardware package, two complete rod assemblies (including rod, adjustable rod guide, and fastening hardware) and two keepers (optional)
  • Two or three latching points controlled from a single point of actuation
  • Roller end can latch directly against frame or against an optional keeper
  • Provides up to 3 mm (.12″) of consistent compression
  • Adjustable rod guides permit modification of frame grip and compression
  • Square profile of rods provides added strength
  • Keylock or padlock latch styles provide additional access security

A roller design at the end of each rod provides for smooth operation and creates pull-up compression as it engages keeper or frame.

A8 - Monipistelukot, kiristettävä Aero Materiel OY
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