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LOCKWELL® Quick Release Pins - LG/LM

Lock sticks with push buttons for unlocking and possibility to attach warning flags.

  • Robust construction delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Single-acting pushbutton design makes use easier than basic interference-fit detent pins
  • Push button to install or remove pin without resistance
  • Spring loaded internal shaft re-engages detent balls for snug fit when button is released
  • Multiple handle styles suit specific application needs – wide grip for gloved hand use, low profile head for minimal protrusion, recessed pushbutton for maximum protection against accidental disengagement

Rugged designs in a variety of pin diameters, lengths, and construction materials satisfy a wide range of application requirements for locating, positioning, or retaining objects. All provide positive engagement with one-hand operation, making them a desirable alternative to nuts and bolts, cotter pins, or lynch pins.

LG/LM - LOCKWELL® Quick Release Pins Aero Materiel AB
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