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Reference customers

Our customer cases and reference customers show where our locks and components are usefull in application for doors and panels. We have products with solutions that meet technical challenges.

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Ambulance Latches, hinges and Gas Spring från Aero Materiel

AlphaDog - launch a new dog trailer in the Nordics

Today is AlphaDog the first company on the market to manufacture designed dog trailers with a focus on design in Europe. You can choose any colour you like on the trailer to match you car.

Aero Materiel have delivered lock and gas spring solutions for AlphaDog to help them create a dog trailer that provides both comfort for dogs, while an exclusive design for owners.

The compression latches press the doors into the dog trailer, which provides a tight and vibration-free function. The gas springs are optimized with customized N-force to the front door.

Alphadog - Luxury and comfort for your dog - Design dog trailer

Nilsson Special Vehicles

Nilsson Special Vehicles AB is a company in the specialty car industry. They develop and manufacture ambulance vehicles, funeral cars, limousines and emergency cars. With its base in Laholm, it is the market leader in the specialty car industry, their cars can mainly be seen in Sweden and England, but sales are also made around the world.

Nilsson Special Vehicles och Aero Materiel AB have a long history together, where together we have come up with several smart solutions in particular their ambulances. Hinges, AV-arm and electronic locks are some of Aero Materiel’s products that can be found in Nilsson Special Vehicles ambulances.

When an ambulance is in motion, it is important that the doors and AV arms have a locking function to prevent things from moving during the car’s journey. Here, Aero Materiel has the solution including a lockable AV arm.


An ambulance standing on a beach with lots of clouds in the sky.

Dinolift Oy

Dinolift Oy is a Finnish company that designs, manufactures and sells high quality DINO passenger lifts for different types of jobs to rental companies and end users.

Working with DINO-passenger lifts is safe, efficient and enjoyable.

Aero Materiel works as a partner to Dinolift, delivering quality and reliable locking and hinged solutions to meet the personal lift’s usage requirements in different environments.




A silvery lift that is in an industrial building.

EC-Engineering Oy

EC-Engineering is the leading system supplier of composite solutions for the transport equipment industry. The company designs and manufactures tailor-made composite products in close cooperation with their customers.

Aero Materiel contributes to the need of flexibility, by providing continuous hinges that are made according to EC-Engineering´s customer and project specific drawings. With our Flex2Cut service we stock different types of hinge material, from which we cut the desired lengths to meet the demand for fast deliveries in different kinds of hinges.

EC- Engineering

Checkmark Ltd Oy

Oy Checkmark Ltd is the leading Finnish manufacturer of checkout counters and entrance gates. Over the years, the company has built up a comprehensive service chain that ensures the functionality of the cash register in all situations regardless of business type and size.

Aero Material’s mission as a partner to Checkmark is to deliver reliable mechanics suitable for every project and customer.

Checkmark logo

Autokarosser in Floby

Autokaross in Floby sells, manufactures and assembles buildings for light commercial vehicles

Aero Materiel Supplies gas springs that are adapted to Autokaross in Floby’s buildings to light trucks with high demands on stability and strength.

Aero Materiel participated early in the development work involving both constructors and buyers from Autokaross in Floby

Thore Hultman purchasing manager at Autokraosser says, with FlexFill™ we get fast deliveries and custom Gas springs with the right pressure even in small volumes which is in line with our expectations.


A red emergency vehicle standing on the grass with picture obliquely from behind.


Mantena is responsible for the maintenance of Skånetrafiken’s new Pågatåg and SJ’s vehicles of the type X55 and X40. Aero Materiel supplies components with high safety and low weight. This means that the speed of the train is not affected by the necessary components in the train’s construction.

A large part of the maintenance that takes place on the trains is the replacement of the gas damper in the seats, the gas damper located in the seats is adjustable to enable you to have the possibility to tilt the seat up and down for a more comfortable journey. Aero Materiel´s adjustable gas damper and gas springs is perfect for providing the needs of Mantenas.

When the Mantena perform maintenance of the trains they are removed from traffic for a certain period, hence it is a challenge for both the Mantena and Aero Materiel that logistics and deliveries will take place during an exposed time to ensure that trains are not out of traffic more than exposed time.



Mantena logo

Vallox Oy

Vallox is a well-known company that has manufactured ventilation systems in Finland for almost 50 years. High-quality ventilation technology has been combined with simple and elegant design and ease of use. Vallox operates reliably all year round in all weather conditions.


Aero Materiel has, over a number of years of cooperation, supplied locking mechanisms that are easy to operate in Vallox machines, and thus with their efforts contributed to creating user-friendly products.

Vallox logo