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Vehicle Modification Industry

Some of our popular soloutions for custom vehicles include:

Monitor mounts that allow easy access to information during transport or in mobile applications.

Electronic locks and latches for storing valuables such as fire equipment, prescription drugs, and professional tools.

LED lights that indicate if the latch is in locked or open position.

Ambulance outside, person going into it

Car industry

The car industry is a rescue vehicle for emergency situations such as fire or accidents.

Hatch Body Builder with specialized solutions for transport, craftsmanship and service cars with cupboard buildings, loading platform, cranes and furnishing.

Free time vehicles such as boats, caravans and motorhomes – a “portable home”.

Electric vehicles are cars, motorcycles and mopeds powered by one or more electric engines with one or more batteries that can be charged via electricity grid.


From inside an ambulance, picture is taken to the exit.

Trends in the automotive industry

The number of electric vehicles is increasing, one of four cars expected to be rechargeable in 2021 according to Bil Sweden. The environmental issue is important and all companies hang on. Development of smart devices such as warn other vehicles of the emergency vehicles are nearby. The health trend where the interest in living an active life with exercise and outdoor activities and a smart housing alternative provides a positive development within the free time vehicle group.

Truckdriver drive goods into the truck with the orange counterbalanced truck Aero Materiel