Marine Components

Do you work with marine development of sailboats, motorboats, motorsailers, inflatable boats, RIB boats, cruises and shipyards. We have entry locks, handles, quick locks, electric locks and mechanical locks designed for marine environments. The lock keeps water tight and is user-friendly for cabin doors at sea.

For many years, Sweden was one of the world's largest shipbuilding nations, with shipyards such as Eriksberg, Götaverken and Kockums.

Finland today has one of the largest shipyards in Europe and today 10% of the world's cruise ships are manufactured in Turku, on the west coast of Finland.

The Swedish boat industry is in a very favorable period and during 2016-2018 sales volumes were around 19,000 sold boats per year.

Our entrance locks and handles are adapted for a boat environment and can withstand moisture and wetness well. With a stylish design, the entrance locks and handles are suitable for cabins and boat spaces.



Trends in marine development

Design continues to be an important means of competition in the manufacture of new boats and cruise ships. The design makes a difference in the experience of the brand.

In the future is a rapid technological development and design in engines, with better fuel efficiency, electronics, electricity and charging.

Trends in the marine industry show that the development of electric boats and the manufacture of electric motors for boats is increasing, a positive development to reduce the environmental impact and benefit the living organisms at sea.

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Suitable lock for marian environments that prevents moisture from entering the door with rubber ring for a secure seal. The locks have a high performance level and can handle varying outdoor climates. Fill in your information and receive the brochure immediately.