Mantena is responsible for the maintenance of Skånetrafiken’s new Pågatåg and SJ’s vehicles of the type X55 and X40. Aero Materiel supplies components with high safety and low weight. This means that the speed of the train is not affected by the necessary components in the train’s construction. A large part of the maintenance that takes place on the trains is the replacement of the gas damper in the seats, the gas damper located in the seats is adjustable to enable you to have the possibility to tilt the seat up and down for a more comfortable journey. Aero Materiel´s adjustable gas damper and gas springs is perfect for providing the needs of Mantenas. When the Mantena perform maintenance of the trains they are removed from traffic for a certain period, hence it is a challenge for both the Mantena and Aero Materiel that logistics and deliveries will take place during an exposed time to ensure that trains are not out of traffic more than exposed time.