Keypanion™: A Key to the Future of Wireless Access and Locking

Keypanion™: A Key to the Future of Wireless Access and Locking

With pride, Aero Materiel AB introduces the latest in wireless access: the innovative Keypanion™ system from Southco.

Easy Installation and Shared Access

Traditional remote-controlled locking systems often require advanced security infrastructure. With Keypanion™, this barrier disappears, and installation becomes simple: create an account and connect a Southco Bluetooth® control unit to a compatible electric lock. Aero Materiel AB aims to make this groundbreaking technology accessible to businesses and users in Sweden and Finland. Users can share access with other accounts, ensuring that only authorized individuals can unlock devices when needed.

Security Beyond Physical Keys

The Keypanion app was born out of the desire to eliminate the need for physical keys, which can be cumbersome to manage and easily lost, stolen, or damaged. By switching to Keypanion™, the uncertainty associated with a system that suits users regardless of their technical knowledge is eliminated. Aero Materiel AB and Southco work together to offer the simplicity of registering compatible Southco locks, providing users with the assurance that their devices are secure, and access can be easily managed through the app.

Smooth Access Sharing

Keypanion™ focuses on user-friendliness, making sharing access to devices easier than ever. Instead of handing out physical keys, users can easily share their devices with other accounts anywhere in the world with a simple button press in the app. Additionally, users can set access to devices to automatically expire after a preset period, enhancing security by restricting access only during necessary times.

Increased Security and Convenience

Security has always been a top priority for Southco, and Keypanion™ is no exception. The app enhances security by allowing users to monitor the status of their locks in real-time. A timestamp displays exactly when the lock was last opened or closed. Users also have the option to review the device's history up to fourteen days back, providing insight into which accounts have had access and when.


Keypanion™ is a groundbreaking solution in the growing world of smart locking systems. By combining the user-friendly Keypanion app with a Southco Bluetooth unit and a compatible lock, a seamless and secure electronic locking device is created. Aero Materiel AB and Southco jointly strive to make this technology accessible to businesses and users in Sweden and Finland. Furthermore, installation requires no dedicated IT personnel, and the system remains easily accessible as long as a smartphone with the Keypanion app is nearby. Security and convenience converge in this future-proof locking solution.