Southco launches new rotary locks with electronic control and door sensors.

Southco launches new rotary locks with electronic control and door sensors.

Southco, a leading manufacturer of locks, hinges, and other accessories, has expanded its range of rotary locks with new versions that can be electronically activated and provide a signal when the door is closed.

Southco's new R4-25 rotary lock.

Southco's new R4-25 rotary lock is a response to customers' demand for electronic control and monitoring in demanding applications. The lock can be activated with a 12-volt signal from either the application's own control system or by purchasing a Southco controller. R4-25 pairs well with Southco's BluetoothTM controller for wireless operation. Southco's proven rotary lock design has been tested to an average ultimate load of over 9000 N. R4-25 can meet most application load and environmental requirements.


Design and features

R4-25 rotary locks have options for both side mounting and top mounting. The symmetrical design can be used in both right and left-hand orientations. The integrated cable mounting bracket facilitates installation. These design features are particularly useful when used with mechanical activation. Another feature of the R4-25 rotary lock is an integrated sensor that indicates when the door/hatch is closed and locked or if it is open. R4-25 electric rotary locks work excellently with Southco's KEYPANION Control System.


Comments from Southco's Product Manager

Southco's product manager Cindy Bart says, "These new R4-25 products expand our range of mechanical and electronically activated rotary locks. We are building on our experience in both areas to bring electronic activation capability to new markets."


More information

For more information about Southco's new R4-25 product line, visit Aero Materiel AB's product range for the product here [R4-25 rotary lock]. To learn more about Southco's range of rotary locks and accessories, visit our [rotary lock systems] product page. To learn more about Southco's range of electronic locks, visit our [electronic access solutions] product page.